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An Activist's Guide to the TB LAM Test

July 2018
At the TB 2018 pre-conference held on Sunday 22 July 2018, before the International AIDS Conference, activists from around the globe called on their countries, development partners, and donors, to end the unacceptable death rates caused by tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV by immediately scaling up the use of TB LAM testing. Read the full release.

September 2017
As tuberculosis (TB) has risen to become the leading infectious killer of people living with HIV (PLHIV), diagnostic tests such as the TB LAM test are critically important to ensure diagnosis of TB quickly for this vulnerable population. LAM represents the only current point-of-care TB diagnostic test overall, that is specifically used for detecting TB in PLHIV with low CD4 counts. 

An Activist's Guide to the TB LAM Test provides important messaging and strategies to support in-country LAM advocacy and activism. Furthermore, this guide seeks to help advocates and activists ensure uptake of the test across a variety of key targets, including implementation by National AIDS and TB programmes, registration by regulatory authorities, to pressuring donors to push the use of LAM test among countries that are dually burdened by HIV and TB.

On October 3, TAG and partners hosted a webinar on how to use the guide for advocacy on TB LAM test uptake: 


Speakers included: 
Lynette Mabote, AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa 
Lindiwe Mvusi, Department of Health - Republic of South Africa - presenter slides
Stephen Wanjala, Médecins Sans Frontières - presenter slides 
Wayne van Gemert, Global Drug Facility - presenter slides

Moderated by: Khairunisa Suleiman, Global TB CAB and Independent Consultant