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Open Appeal: Urgent Need to Address the Global Fund Procurement Cliff for TB


The immense worldwide investment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) has proven effective to ensure increased access to an affordable, high-quality, and sustained supply of TB drugs. In order to support countries to transition from GFATM funding and towards national financing and procurement of TB, HIV, and malaria drugs, GFATM has instituted a Sustainability, Transition and Co-Financing (STC) policy. However, the current STC policy risks that countries transitioning prematurely to national procurement without additional mitigation strategies will lose access to the drugs communities need to survive. Already, stockouts of essential TB and ARV drugs have occurred in several countries across Africa, Easter Europe, and South Asia.

This appeal letter to the GFATM and its major donors calls attention to myriad of challenges transitioning countries face and asks the GFATM to incorporate detailed recommendations to mitigate the risks of the procurement cliff.