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2017 Pipeline Report

July 5, 2017

HIV, TB, and HCV

Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines, Preventive Technologies, Research Toward a Cure, and Immune-Based and Gene Therapies in Development

Written by Mike Frick, Annette Gaudino, Mark Harrington, Tim Horn, Richard Jefferys, Jeremiah Johnson, Erica Lessem, Marcus Low, and Lindsay McKenna

In this year's report:

Introduction and Executive Summary
Mark Harrington

The Antiretroviral Pipeline
Tim Horn

Preventive Technologies: Antiretroviral and Vaccine Development
Jeremiah Johnson & Richard Jefferys

Research Toward a Cure and Immune-Based and Gene Therapies
Richard Jefferys

The Tuberculosis Diagnostics Pipeline
Erica Lessem

The Tuberculosis Prevention Pipeline
Mike Frick

The Tuberculosis Treatment Pipeline: A Breakthrough Year for the Treatment of XDR-TB
Marcus Low

The Tuberculosis Diagnostics and Treatment Pipeline for Children
Lindsay McKenna

HCV Pipeline: DAAs and Diagnostics in the Pangenotypic Era
Annette Gaudino