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Eleonora Jiménez-Levi

Eleonora Jiménez-Levi is a Senior Researcher leading TAG’s resource-tracking efforts on original source funding for tuberculosis (TB) and HIV research. The projects examine the state of TB and HIV research funding and provide researchers, advocates, and policy makers with the data necessary to advocate for increased resources. Eleonora is also involved in the TB/HIV project, providing technical assistance at workshops dedicated to strengthening research, treatment, and policy literacy among TB and TB/HIV activists.

From 2004 to 2007, Eleonora managed the TB/HIV Monitoring and Advocacy Project, a grantmaking initiative at the Open Society Institute (OSI), to help communities affected by HIV and TB secure meaningful and sustained engagement in health policy-making. At OSI, she began her collaboration with TAG by co-organizing capacity building workshops for grantees on how to monitor and advocate for improved TB/HIV services.

Eleonora holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Barnard College and a master of science from the Harvard School of Public Health.