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TAGline 1994

December 1994

  • Protease Scoreboard
    Planning for Efficacy Rates of 30-50%, Roche Protease Trials Shoot for Distant Stars
  • The Imperiled NCDDG
    Twilight of NIH Drug Discovery Program Will Mean Even Slimmer Pickings for AIDS Therapeutic Pipeline
  • Random Gleanings
    Vaccine Victory (Of Sorts), Inching Closer To An Animal Model for HIV, G.D. Searle's lead protease inhibitor crashed and burned...

November 1994

October 1994

  • Star Gazing at the FDA
    Public Hearings At FDA Juxtapose Old Cries of Access With Those of Integrity, Accountability
  • Yokohama Pathogenesis Update
    Improved Clinical Outcomes Wrought By Immunosuppressive Medicine and Second-Rate Immune Responses - Where Will It All End?
  • The KS Project Report
    Research Paper Details Advances, Obstacles In The Treatment of Kaposi's Sarcoma

September 1994

August 1994

  • Shift Rift
    Series of Research Papers Take To Task Would-Be Discoverers Of Cytokine Switch Scrutinizing the Knock-out Mice
  • Looking Where the Light Is
    Garbage In, Garbage Out; Could It Be We're Asking Good Questions Of Bad Systems?
  • Letter From Rockville
    Another meeting with the (FDA) Commissioner, Rockville, MD, 11 July 1994

July 1994

  • Not So Fast!
    With Its First Protease Trial Completed, Roche Races to FDA With Lukewarm Results, While Activists Cry 'Foul'
  • Vaccine Dismay
    NIAID Scraps Large Scale Vaccine Trial -- And A Chastened Genentech Takes Its Case to The Hill
  • ACTG Rescue Plan
    Tome of Recommendations Would Abolish ACDDC, Mandate Costing-Out and Establish Advisory Review Group
  • A Word About TAG
    Information about TAG

June 1994

  • Feet to the Fire
    ACTG Investigators Scramble to Convince Industry They Can Produce
  • Inter-Company Cahoots
    ICC's Brainchild Designed to Show Every Drug and Every Combination a Success. Who Could Complain About That?
  • Stavudine for Everyone
    Accelerated Approval Guidelines Expedite Bristol's Launch of New Nucleoside -- In the Absence of Any Proof That It Works

May 1994

  • Lesion Liberation Unlikely
    KS Proves Formidable Foe As Angiogenesis Inhibitors and Stealth Chemotherapy Fall Short of Expectations
  • The Protease Quandary
    One Company's Search for an Effective Antiviral Contrasts Another's Scramble for the Easy Money
  • Vexed Virologists
    Study After Study, Antiretroviral Analyses Confound More Than They Clarify