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TAGline 1995

December 1995

  • CMV's Real World
    When Two Prophylaxis Studies Declare Opposite Findings, Clinicians And Their Patients Are Lost in the Quandary
  • Giving Away the Farm
    How Corporate Cynicism, Savvy Schmoozing and Relentless PR Paved The Way to Unqualified Approval for Two New Antiretrovirals
  • Random Gleanings
    Tracking down the elusive CD8 cell factor; FDA panel recommends approval for ganciclovir implant; FDA approval for saquinavir; Lottery for ritonavir

November 1995

  • Antiretroviral Horizon
    35th Interscience Conference Unveils Results from Several Important Clinical Studies
  • I'll Take Los Angeles
    AIDS Treatment Activists from Across the Land Gather to Share Expertise and Ideas
  • Random Gleanings
    FDA Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee; Ambushed in the FDCs; Expanding T cells: Koenig weighs in on Good CTLs/Bad CTLs debate

October 1995

  • Kiss My Access
    Community Envoy to Food and Drug Panel Urges Caution in Approving New Anti-HIV Therapueutics and in Providing Early Access
  • Reversal of Fortune
    Despite Pressure to Crown Combo King, 175 Investigators Soft-Pedal Combination Nucleoside Study's Startling Findings
  • Washington Woes
    Senate Appropriations Committee; the OAR's blue-ribbon review of the NIH AIDS program
  • Conclusions for ACTG 175

September 1995

  • Batten Down the Hatches
    House Republican Plan Calls for AIDS Research Dollars to Be Mixed Into Pot For All to Avail Themselves Of
  • Combo Jumbo
    Controversial Nucleoside Study Awakens To A World Strangely Disaffected By Its Prepackaged Proclamation

August 1995

  • Science South of the Border
    Feel Good Merck Meeting Leaves Everybody Agreeing, But Brazil Study Bodes Ill for the Future
  • Diversity Threshold
    New Model of Immune Defense to HIV Shows How Nature of Response Might Determine Eventual Outcome

April 1995

  • Bottom of the Ninth
    With Two Down And Integrase On Deck, AIDS Research Team Hopes For a Hit--Or Will It Be 'Three Up, Three Down?'
  • Like Pulling Teeth
    FDA's Oncological Drug Advisory Committee Recommends DOX-SL for Accelerated Approval--But Not Without A Fight

March 1995

  • Random Gleanings
    FDA Just Says "No" To Salk Immunogen, Heralding the Naked Emperor (Part II), OAR's Dr. Paul Speaks, Varmus Selects New Director for Office of Alternative Medicine
  • Dr. Emini's Gamble
    Merck's Scientists Cave In To The Vogue of Surrogate Marker Endpoint Trials, Accelerated Approval And Quick Cash
  • Souped-Up Abs from LTNPs
    Inauspicious Debut for HIV Specific CTLs; New Concerns about IL-12; Neutralizing Approaches for "Bad" Cytokines; Parke-Davis Targets Cellular Factors

February 1995

  • The CTL As Both Villain and Victor
    Fascinating Work on HIV and T-Cell Kinetics Challenges Longtime Dismissal of Ravaged Immune System's Regenerative Potential
  • Re-Inventing Government
    New ACTG Structure Squeezes Eleven Committees Into Three--But Will Anything Really Be Any Different?
  • Hope for Sale
    Like the Wings of Icarus, Treatment Hype Sweeps Its prey Upward to the Heavens, Then Plucks Them Down Into icey Waters

January 1995