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TAGline 1996

December 1996

November 1996

October 1996

  • Recipes for Failure
    'Early' Is Right, They Say, Unless of Course Your Regimen's Wrong; Then You're Shit Out of Luck
  • Caution, Flammable
    Smoldering Embers of HIV's 'Raging Fire,' Partly Doused, Threaten to Rekindle the Blaze
  • Hitting it Early, Hard: The Aftermath
    The Fickle (and Unforgiving) Fashion of Antiretroviral Therapies: Early treatment choices and their unintended consequences

August/September, 1996Viral Load Comes of Age

July 1996

  • Threshold, Schmeshold
    Long-Awaited Research Paper Takes on the Viral Diversity Threshold, Cannibalistic CTLs and NSI-to-SI Switch
  • Sacked on the Hill
    Licking Their Wounds Following a FY 1996 Budgetary Revocation, Activists Regroup for the Battle of 1997
  • Random Gleanings
    Can HIV Be Eradicated from an Infected Individual?; The Seventy Percent Solution (a/k/a "Fools Rush In ..."); Nearly One Third Either Slow or Fast Progressors

June 1996

  • Clinically Clueless
    Keystone Group Addresses Crisis in Post-Marketing Treatment Research and Access to FDA-Approved Therapies
  • Review and Reform
    OAR Advisory Panel Would Meld 12 Trials Networks into One and Requests Improved Institute Collaboration
  • The Six Area Review Panels (ARPs)
    Of the NIH AIDS Research Program Evaluation Working Group of the Office of AIDS Research (OAR) Advisory Council (the "Levine Committee")

May 1996

  • Monitoring, Not Management
    Roche Requests Approval from FDA's Blood Products Committee for Its PCR Diagnostic - 7/10ths a log of 'noise'
  • Deconstructing the Drama
    Former ACT UP/NY Scientific Wunderkind Denounces Movement As "Messianic Utopianism" - AIDS activism as religious cult
  • Comparing Protease Combinations
    Reported maximum average reductions in plasma RNA with selected protease inhibitor combinations (in treament naive/experienced* individuals)
  • Random Gleanings
    A Tale of Two Epidemics; Researchers Report

April 1996

March 1996

  • White House Summit
    Clinton, Shalala, Fleming Host Gathering of AIDS Advocates, Care Givers and People Living with HIV at Day-Long Conference
  • Resistance Rules
    Amino acid substitutions conferring reduced sensitivity to selected protease inhibitors
  • Retroviral Reprise
    Confab's Clarion Call: "Get It Down and Keep It Down," with Hints—And Only Hints—Of How To Get There
  • Random Gleanings
    Message from CPCRA 007 and other combination studies; AZT resistant virus more virulent than wild-type?

February 1996

  • Hasta la vista, ACTG!
    ACTG Oncology Committee Finds New Home at National Cancer Institute, But Funding Is Woefully Inadequate - Six studies slated
  • Mother Pataki's Cupboard
    AIDS Therapeutics Omitted from the NY State ADAP Formulary as of 1/96
  • Shakedown
    Federal Budget Shutdown and Flood of New Approvals Combine to Threaten Access to FDA-Approved AIDS Drugs