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TAGline 1997

December 1997

November 1997

October 1997

September 1997

August 1997

  • Scammed: Roche Racks Up Millions In Early Saquinavir Sales While Unwitting Patients Prime Themselves for Protease X-Resistance
  • Anabolic Block: Metabolic Disturbances in HIV Infection Find Friend Not Foe in Protease Inhibitor Regimens

June/July 1997

  • Birth of a Paradigm: Panel Embraces Maximum Viral Suppression as Goal of Therapy; Drug Company Bonanza Creates Headaches for Third Party Payers and AIDS Treatment Educators

May 1997

  • Under the Knife: Pediatric Therapy Lags Behind Adults'; Advocates Struggle to Maintain Funding
  • Immune Boost: Opportunistic Infections in the Era of HAART: A Report from the 4th Conference on Retroviruses

April 1997

  • Close to the Vest: Eluding Public Scrutiny, Nelfinavir Becomes Fourth Protease Inhibitor to Hit Pharmacy Shelves
  • Triple Triumph: Government Study Finds Protease Based Triple Combination Keeps Patients Alive Longer Than Double Nuke
  • Sweating the Switch Between Protease Inhibitors

March 1997

February 1997

January 1997