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TAGline 1998

December 1998

  • Co-receptorcopia: Deluge of Mutant Coreceptor Discoveries Pave Way for Therapeutic Advances in HIV, Allergy, Arthritis
  • Talk About a Revolution: From Acting Up to Acts of Congress, AIDS Activist Reviews and Critiques a Decade of Social Change

October 1998

August/September 1998

July 1998

  • Empyrrhic Victory: Jubilation, and Skepticism, Greet Announcement of First Phase III Trial of an AIDS Vaccine
  • Down in Flames: Crypto Treatment Hopes Dashed as Sloppy, Divisive Unimed Fails to Provide Clean Data -- or Proof of Efficacy

June, 1998

  • Overdose: Mutinous Rumblings of Pill Popping Public Prompts Drug Outfits' Focus on User-Friendly Dosing Schemes
  • Buffalo-ed: Veteran Uptown Metabolic Trouble Shooter Argues Crix Belly, Buffalo Hump Are Not What They Seem

May 1998

  • Reservoirs Dog: Joint TAG-AmFAR Scientific Think Tank Assembles Eradication Experts for Marathon Brainstorming Session
  • Slicing Up the Pie: Congress Asks Watchdog Agency to Report on NIH's Allocation of Scarce Research Dollars

April 1998

March 1998

  • Swift Success: CDC/Thai Vertical Transmission Results Silence Critics and Pave Way for Prevention of Millions of Infections Worldwide
  • Immunization to the Fore: Long Languishing in Shadow of the Antiviral Quick Fix, Immune Based Therapies Are Called to Center Stage

January 1998

  • Vaccine Tug-of-War: Laboratory Purists and Renegade Empiricists Duke It Out Over How to Proceed with Vaccine Development Efforts
  • Use It. Lose It: Tantalizing Research Paper Contemplates the Restoration of HIV-Specific 'T-Help' After HAART