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TAGline 1999

September 1999

  • Other Voices: Gladstone Immunologist Challenges Thymic Status Quo, Teasing the Research Forward
  • Reversion Revision: 'Start and Stop' Antiretroviral Protocols To Be Evaluated by Growing Number of Therapeutic Converts
  • Stopping Therapy: Frankfurt HIV Clinic Cohort Study of Total Treatment Interruptions Followed by Mega-HAART

June 1999

  • Data Drought: As Treatment Euphoria Ebbs, Stubborn Uncertainties Resurface But Are Unlikely to Be Resolved
  • Gotcha: HIV Antibody Breakthrough in Transgenic Mice Could Prove Boon to Vaccine Effort

May 1999

  • Life Wish: AZT Monotherapy Veteran Checks out Chemotherapeutic Quitsville and Lives to Tell About It
  • Frontiers of Immunology: Thymic Rebound, Naïve CD4+ T-Cell Repopulation Demonstrated in Individuals on HAART

March 1999

January 1999

  • Letter from Glasgow: Scottish Scribe Tells of Resistance Testing Success, Superinfection, Flaws in Dual Protease Regimens
  • Reality TID: Tidy Clinical Science Stares Down Quotidien Chaos Theory; Might Not "Late, Hard" Be Better After All?