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TAGline 2000

December 2000

September 2000

August 2000

July 2000

June 2000

  • Liver Spot: Progress Is Being Made But Much Remains to Be Done in the Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection
  • Vagina Dialogues: Women-Controlled STD Prevention Methods Take Center Stage in Washington
  • Striking the Balance: Brave New World of Human Gene Sequencing Finds Porous Policy Guidelines to Its Liking

April 2000

March 2000

  • Behemoth: Eradication's Ebb Finds Researchers Wrestling Again with Clinical Outcome Concerns
  • ART Real World: Observational Databases Promise to Solve Clinical Trials Lag, But Experts Warn All Data Not Created Equal
  • OCS Redux: International Statistical Panel Puts Observational Cohort Study Research Possibilities into Perspective, Identifies Limitations

January 2000

  • Not Without My Data: Trend In Treatment Interruptions Gains Popularity; Activists Call for Systematic Observation
  • Pick Your Poison: Like the Disease They Were Once to Cure, AIDS Cocktails Threaten to Become Chronic, Long-term Killer
  • Vaccine Notes from the Cent Gardes